Tips for Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language Copy

Tips for Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language Copy
October 10, 2019 SDC Development 2
Woman walking several dogs

Dogs are great communicators, you just simply need to open your eyes, ears, and hearts to understand what they are saying.

Body Language Signals

All dogs communicate using their bodies; whether it be their tails, eyes, ears, face, and/or stance.

Dogs will use their faces to show confusion or determination by wrinkling or straightening their foreheads.  A dog’s eyes brighten when looking at something considered friendly. If his ears are raised, they are relaxed and/or listening to what you are saying. If a dogs tail is relaxed but wagging, it is a sign that he is happy.

Example of a Common Dog Signal

Have you ever noticed when you get home from a long day of work, and when your dog comes to greet you that he also sneezes?

A few sneezes in a row most likely means he is excited and feeling joyful.

As a dog walker in Los Angeles, I am lucky to be able to work with all breeds of dogs. They may look different from one another, but they all speak the same language.

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