Set your dog up for success!

Set your dog up for success!
August 23, 2019 SDC Development 2
Training animal obedience

The Importance of a Tired Dog

The first rule of dog training…wear them out!

A dog must be tired before you begin any training session so it will be more able to focus on you. Imagine trying to do anything with a dog who has tons of energy. Picture it; like swimming upstream!

It’s not fair to them, and it certainly is not fair to you. If you can’t seem to tire out your dog, consider hiring a dog walker (like myself) whose job it is to tire them out. Not every Dog Walker makes that their mission. I, however, have owned Dogs with nonstop energy. I understand the importance of a tired dog.

Hiring a Dog Walker

If you have a dog that has not been walked, played with, anything that uses up excess energy, forget it. Whether you are in a class with other dogs, who are having a one on one training session, make sure to give your dog a great workout before any lesson. I guarantee if you do this, your dog will be able to be present and able to focus on you. Dog training should be a rewarding experience. Set yourself up for success!

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