How hot is too hot?!

How hot is too hot?!
August 2, 2019 SDC Development 2
Labrador retriever on a walk

Knowing When to Beat the Heat

Being a dog walker in the Studio City area of Los Angeles,  I am well acquainted with the heat!

A common question is how do I know itʼs too hot to walk the dog?

Simple. Put your palm flat out on the ground. If you can leave your palm flat on the ground for five seconds comfortably, great! Head out on that walk. If you canʼt, neither can your dog.

Signs to Look For

Have you ever noticed your dog walking a lot faster in the sun? Walking full speed ahead into the shade? That means the ground is too hot and they will burn their paws, just like we would burn our feet.

When that occurs, if possible take them out for a potty break on the grass. Then wait until later in the day when the sun is not as strong.

Test the ground again, the ambient temperature can be much lower than the hot asphalt. When in doubt, use your palm.

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