About Us

Twenty two years ago, I happened upon a pet adoption fair. I knew I was in trouble within the first five minutes of walking in. When I walked out, I had adopted my first dog. I already had four cats at that time, but I had no idea how much my life would change from this point on. Within a month, I moved into a house with a yard for my dog, hired a personal dog trainer, and began to learn more about dogs. That first trainer taught me something that has remained my golden rule: “Never train a dog who hasn’t exercised first.” Priceless.

As I fell in love with my new pup, I also discovered my love for hiking from walking my dog.

She and I both got exercise, and best of all, I had a much calmer and happier dog. For the past twenty five years, I have been lucky enough to have adopted six dogs. Each dog has joined me on my daily hike, and each has kept me accountable when it comes to exercising every day. Today, I have two dogs – one that is extremely happy with a half hour trot around the neighborhood, and the other who needs a strenuous two to four-mile hike. From personal experience, I know that every dog has different exercise needs.

I have always hired dog walkers to care for my dogs when I needed to work long hours. Over the years, I was fortunate enough to have hired some great dog walkers. Unfortunately, not all were great, and it never failed that all of the really good ones moved away to pursue their dream career. When my last great dog walker announced her departure, I came to a huge realization. Dog walking is my dream job! After a successful twenty-plus year career in the entertainment industry, I started Paw-destrian.

– Beth Klein

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Paw-destrian Policies

All Dogs Must:

  • Wear proper collars for dog walking, that are tagged with up to date information
  • Be leashed for all dog walks or hikes (Dog hikes are leash only)

More comprehensive information about our policies are provided at your free in home consultation.

  • I am so lucky to have Beth! She is incredible with my dog who is not the easiest to care for seeing he was a rescue and had 2 previous homes before me. She is loving, gentle, caring, dependable and provides the perfect balance of playtime and love in the same visit. I get daily videos that allow me to see how happy and exhausted he is after their walks and i can see how much my dog loves Beth every time he is around her. If you are obsessed with your animal as much as I am, look no further.
    Corey S.
  • She’s amazing! I thought her time stamped videos was a genius idea. Honestly, even without the videos, i know she does her job. She makes sure Sadie is exhausted and happy after every walk. I love that she doesn't just slowly walk her, she gets real exercise. She's 100% dependable, and you can tell that she loves animals. I can’t say enough good things about her. I will never use anybody but her.
    Beth B.
  • SHE IS THE BEST.   She cares so much about our dog and 3 cats. We have used her for dog walking and pet sitting and she has been a lifesaver.   Above and beyond each time and we can't thank her enough.
    Elizabeth B.North Hollywood, CA
  • Beth went over the moon for my sick cat and his brother. Bringing them toys, happily giving medication and graciously feeding and playing with them exceeded every expectation I have ever had with finding a pet sitter. I am so happy we found her and cannot wait to use her again!! Thanks Beth!!!!
    Kasey G.Studio City, CA
  • What can say? Beth's the Best! You can't ask for a more caring and loving person. She is a total animal lover. She does an amazing job and her time stamped videos are the BEST!! What a great way to keep an eye on your dog while you're away and see that he or she is being well cared for.
    Linda H.North Hollywood, CA
  • I needed someone I could really trust with my 15 yr old dog. Beth @ Paw-destrian has been an amazing find.  She is so dog friendly and thoughtful with my old guy. And what's even better, my dog, Memphis, took to her instantly.  And anyone with a dog will agree....a dog is the best judge of character. I love the "real time" videos - such a pleasant treat seeing my baby while i'm stuck at work all day. Highly recommend!!
    Debba D.Los Angeles, CA