Paw-Destrian Walking and Sitting Services are Certifiably Different.

Our  team is fully licensed, insured and bonded. Plus, we are certified in Pet First-Aid and CPR. We operate in the Encino, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Reseda, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Valley Glen, and Van Nuys.

One-on-One Pet Walking and Sitting
With Special Attention

Your pet is special and requires all the attention it deserves during the pet sitting and walking session. We provide one-on-one pet walking and sitting services; we do not combine (or herd) your pets with others. This unique approach ensures that the pet gets one-on-one attention. Each walk is designed to exhaust your dog. We video tape each session and text you the “Visit Video” so you can get a glimpse of the special day your pet had. Parent approved treats are also included.

The Paw-destrian Handbook

Years of experience have shown that there are some important fundamentals to pet walking and sitting that Paw-destrians lives by to ensure the best experience for you and your furry companion. This is our mission and promise to you, that your pets are in the best possible care every minute they are with us.

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Love and Trust Built on Positive Reinforcement (Only)

Our team is highly trained in pet handling, they have over 20 years of experience and skills required to build a positive relationship with the pet while walking or sitting them. We buy them treats and presents to make them feel cared for. We also understand boundaries which need to be kept in order to maintain a good relationship between the pet and the parent. Our team will never replace the parent, your pet will remain loyal and loving to you.

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Safety is Our Top Priority – Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR!

Your pet will be in safe hands during the whole pet sitting and walking process. Our pet walkers are certified in pet first aid and CPR, so if your pet needs care, they are in the best of hands with our team. Rest assured that your pet will get the required care in the event of misfortune. Plus, we take extra safety measures with our dog seat belts and special in car dog gates to ensure they are completely safe during transport.

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Licensed, Bonded and Fully Insured for Pet Care and Home Protection

We have maximum business license insurance that will cover any situation with your fur baby OR your house while under our care. There is no need for stress. If anything happens while under our care, your vet bills and your house are covered. This separates us from most care providers. We are completely accountable for every minute we are on the clock.

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We Identify Any Special Needs

We work on basic obedience and healing, as well as behavior modification during every visit. Consistency is key and we know that positive reinforcement is the way to go. We always work on leash etiquette and healing. During our walks, if you are not already using the best collar or harness, we will supply one that is appropriate for your dog.  You will experience great positive changes in your pet through our services.

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Exercise and Health Are Always Top of Mind

Your dog will always get a workout. Obviously, health, age, and the weather are always taken into consideration. If they are not healthily tired after a workout, we did not do our job.

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Completely Reliable and Ready When You Are!

Whether you are a plan-ahead type of person or the, “I need to book last minute!” type, we will be there rain or shine. We have built our reputation on being reliable and ready when you are. We can fit into any busy schedule and offer special discounts for two walks in the same day!

Paw-destrian Services the Following Areas in Los Angeles, CA:

Encino, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Reseda, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Valley Glen, Van Nuys. Click here for the zip codes our dog walkers service.

  • I needed someone I could really trust with my 15 yr old dog. Beth @ Paw-destrian has been an amazing find.  She is so dog friendly and thoughtful with my old guy. And what's even better, my dog, Memphis, took to her instantly.  And anyone with a dog will agree....a dog is the best judge of character. I love the "real time" videos - such a pleasant treat seeing my baby while i'm stuck at work all day. Highly recommend!!
    Debba D.Los Angeles, CA
  • She’s amazing! I thought her time stamped videos was a genius idea. Honestly, even without the videos, i know she does her job. She makes sure Sadie is exhausted and happy after every walk. I love that she doesn't just slowly walk her, she gets real exercise. She's 100% dependable, and you can tell that she loves animals. I can’t say enough good things about her. I will never use anybody but her.
    Beth B.
  • Beth has started taking care of my girls and doing a terrific job!   My two Pomeranians just enjoy Beth ....... I see them in the pictures with Beth and they are doing wonderful!  Thank you, Beth!
    Paula D.North Hollywood, CA
  • I am so lucky to have Beth! She is incredible with my dog who is not the easiest to care for seeing he was a rescue and had 2 previous homes before me. She is loving, gentle, caring, dependable and provides the perfect balance of playtime and love in the same visit. I get daily videos that allow me to see how happy and exhausted he is after their walks and i can see how much my dog loves Beth every time he is around her. If you are obsessed with your animal as much as I am, look no further.
    Corey S.
  • I was referred to Beth from a vet friend of ours, show is very, very, particular about her dog and who walks it. From what i hear there are a LOT of bad to mediocre dog walkers out there who just gather up all the dogs and take them out in masse, or dump them at the park and play on their smart phone. Bethet only take out one dog at a time, so your pooch gets one-on-one attention. She really loves dogs, actually, all animals. When she comes by, she likes to say hello to my cats as well. You get texts when she gets there, and afterwards, she end you a video text. So glad i found Beth!
    Aura K.
  • SHE IS THE BEST.   She cares so much about our dog and 3 cats. We have used her for dog walking and pet sitting and she has been a lifesaver.   Above and beyond each time and we can't thank her enough.
    Elizabeth B.North Hollywood, CA